North American Truck Club!


The 454SS N.A.T.C. was formed to bring together owners of the 1990 to 1993 Chevrolet Sport Truck, the 454SS. It is our mission to provide a forum, through this website, for the owners of these trucks to share their experiences and technical knowledge with others. The 454SS N.A.T.C. will endeavor to develop our ranks to the forefront of this nation's automotive clubs.


  • We will establish ourselves as a world-class webpage.
  • We will encourage and support participation in local events throughout the North America that will enable members to highlight these trucks. We will enjoin our membership to be stewards of our club in all endeavours showcasing their trucks.
  • We will provide a forum to all to share knowledge and ideas. Through our encouragment and support, develop and maintain cooperative exchanges from all levels of our membership.

Join the club

  • Your own page devoted to you and your truck listed in the 454SS webpage Truck Gallery .
  • Special Access to the 454SS Website, We have other area's that are located behind a password protected area that only members are able to view. This also includes a "Members Only" message board.

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