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Body and Suspension

Body Suspension

The C/K pickups use the ladder type frame with cross members that are bolted or
riveted to the side channels for full size strength that resists twisting and flexing

The front of the side rails uses a box-section design for added strenth where it is
needed most - supporting the engine, front suspension.

The cargo bed and cab are affixed to the same single-piece mount to help keep them aligned.

The frames drop center design allows a low step height without sacrificing ground

Durable double wall construction is used in the cargo box side panels and tailgate,
helping to dents inside the from marring the exterior.

in the bed you will find more than 4 feet of flat load space.


Variable Ratio Intergral Power
Steering ratio on Center/At Lock 12/7:1

turning diameter
Curb to Curb(ft.) 41.3
Wall-To-Wall(ft.) 43.2

Wheel base 117.5
Width at Tailgate Opening 60.2
Width at Top of box, rear 61.9
Width at top of box, Front 63.8
Depth of box 19.3
Width between Wheelhouses 49.1
overall length 194.0
overal box width 76.8
height 70.4
ground to load floor 29.0
ground clearance 7.0 front 8.4 rear
fuel tank 25.0 gal

(GVWR)Gross vehicle weight Rating 5600lbs
Front 3150
Rear 3404

Capacities C10703 (454SS)
Front Springs and axles 3150 Base
Rear Springs and axles 3750 Base
Payload 1000 LBS

with 3.73 gears 9500 lbs
with 4.10 gears 10,000 lbs

Chevrolet Codes may be usefull when ordering replacement parts and accessories.

CS = 4X2
CC = 4X2
CR = 4X2

ZW9=Chassis Cab
LRR6=Interior Trim

Exterior color w/ZY1 paint black metalic Color Code1=20 Color Code2=20

2-Wheel Drive Gasoline Model
18845.00 Fleetside.......CC10703(4x2 wheel drive C1500) E63(Fleetside) & B4U(454SS Equipment package.)

B4U Equipment PACKAGE.
Reqs ZY1 Solid Paint, Color 20201 Black
LRR6 Interior Trim, X, Y
XCN=P275/60R15 B/L, On Front
YCN=P275/60R15 B/L, On Rear
ZCN=P275/60R15 B/L, Spare
L19=eng. 7.4 Liter (454 Cu In) V8
MX1=3-Speed Automatic Transmission
GQ1=AXLE 3.73
Incls YE9 Silverado interior
Sliding Rear window
BYP=Sport handling Chasis Package.
Air conditioning
Locking differential
eng oil cooler
Auxiliary lighting
Cargo area lamp
Electronicly tuned AM/FM Stereo Radio w/seek scan, Sterio cassette tape w/search And
repeat, graphic equilizer and digital clock
H.D. Cooling
Power locks & Windows
Tilt Wheel & Speed control convenience group

E63=Fleetside 6 1/2 ft
VK3=Front license plate bracket

NA6=High Altitude
YF5=California (Add 100.00)

Extra's N05=Locking Fuel Filler Cap(add 18.00)
BZY=Bed Liner (Add 225.00)

Rear Axle Ratios.

Since the drive pinion in the rear axle is smaller than the ring gear of the drive
shaft, a gear reduction is created at the rear axle, called the rear axle ratio.

A Numerically lower axle ratio(2.73:1) means fewer drive shaft revolutions for each
axle revolution provide slower acceleration, lower engine speed and greater fuel
economy. A Higher axle ratio (4:56:1) Generally means more drive shaft revolutions
for quicker acceleration and heavy haulng, higher engine speed and lower fuel economy.

Semi Floating rear Axle

The rear axle is part of the drive train on a rear wheel drive 454SS along with
the engine, transmission, drive shaft and differential.

A Semi floating rear axle assembly holds, aligns, and drives the rear wheels and also
supports the weight of the truck.

A Semi floating rear axle shafts on the 454SS help support the weight of the truc,
in addition to transmitting engine torque to the rear wheels.

they provide strong while reducing weight compared to a full floating axle assembly.

They also allow easy servicing of some of the components like brakes and
wheel bearings.

Mutli leaf rear springs

Leaf springs are located above the rear axle and attached to tit with u-bolts

Like a coil spring, the leaf spring will exert under load an equal force in response
and tends to resume its previos position.

Two stage multi leaf springs include one longer set and one shorter set of leaves.

The longer leaves provide a smooth ride when the truck is unloaded.

As the truck is loaded, the long leaves flatten out and the shorter, stiffer leaves
provide strong load carrying support without sacrificing ride comfort.

Ladder-Type Frame
The frame is engineered to support and distribute the weight of the truck body,
the powertrain, suspension and any passengers or cargo.

Chevy's Carbon steel, ladder type frames are known for their strength and rigidity,
with a yeild strenght of 36,000 to 39,000 psi(pounds per square inch). The frame
also allows a certain amount of twisting and flexing in off roadand rugged driving

C-Channel Side rails are boxed at the front of the vehicle for added strenght where
it is most needed.

Side rails run the length of the truck and are connected by crossmembers.
-The crossmembers are securely welded and riveted to the side rails to protect
against corrosion.

Chevy's ladder type frames also feature a "drop-center" design-aslight depression
in it where the cab sits-permittinghigh ground clearance with relitively low step-in

The entire frame is emersed in hot wax after assembly to protect against corrosion.

Boxed front section
at the front, steel side rails form a channel with four sides, welded for extra
strength and torsional rigidity. This channel is called a "Box-Section."

this front box-section strengthens the frame where the weight of the engine,
transmission and steering cause greater stress to be placed.

Frame (in.)

Side Rail Demensions width






Section Models rails only


RBM of Frame(lb.-in.


Width over rails front




Overall length of rail